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We support young people who experience barriers and challenges.



We offer bespoke, flexible, personalised experiences designed to help you develop, move forward and succeed.  We actively support individuality and unique learning styles within a carefully designed environment enabling success.  We focus on developing your individuality and creativity allowing you to realise your potential.


We have a myriad of skills, resources and experiences which can be used in many ways to develop a personal set of learning goals.  These goals can be achieved through various activities and are designed to fit the individual.  The experiences we use may include music, art, gardening, active learning, formal learning, physical, loud, quiet - whatever it takes, whatever learning style suits.  We work with individuals and small groups and also support young people who are being home educated.

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We will listen and respond appropriately in a bespoke personal way. We take a holistic view in helping to guide a young person forward. One activity which fits one individual may not suit another. If a young person requires help and support in any area of their learning and development we are here to help.  By using our skills and listening to each individual, we can tailor a positive way forward within The Learning Space.


We are a place to grow, develop, learn, relax, heal, enjoy.  A place to be motivated and inspired,  a place to realise ideas and reawaken a young person’s creativity.  We offer a place where you can find your natural, innate learning ability. We take an experienced and empathetic approach to understand a young person's needs, and create a personal space and support learning.  The Learning Space is a place where the potential turns to magic rather than dust.

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The Learning Space works with young people, families and others who are involved in the young person's life. We can act as a bridge between these so that positive steps can be taken to ensure the young person is understood and their needs are being met.  

We will ensure the needs and motivations of the young person are central. We can provide a space where young people can come together and interact in a supported, calm place.

We work with young people in a supportive, bespoke, personal, solution focused way, matching their needs with a variety of activities and experiences. Our aim is to allow young people to feel successful and confident and to recognise that everyone can learn and develop their full potential. This requires an empathetic, compassionate, sensitive, flexible and personalised approach. The Learning Space offers this.  We adapt to support each young person.

We understand everyone is unique, and actively promote and support individuality and unique learning styles.

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